My Diet Plan (so far)

Monday, June 8, 2009
Here is a list of Weight Watcher Point Sites I have used in the past for free:

How many WW points do I get a day/week?

WW Points

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone

How many Weight Watchers Points is that ?

Point Calculator

Other WW sites

and here are some of the other sites I frequent

Eat This Not That

Calorie King

Spark People (This site has a ton of videos for exercise, suggested diets, and you can track your fitness and such as well)

Track your Calories on iGoogle

One last thing... You can always sign up for a blog at

I have one for my weightloss that I will be blogging or journaling whatever you want to call it... In every day here

Oh! I almost forgot, I use a hybrid method myself. I use WW points when I can but I have a calorie amount I try to stay under as well. They actually work the same (essentially) I will be allowing myself 1700 calories a day no more than 2000, or 28 no more than 32 points. You can figure out how many calories you should eat a day here.

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