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Monday, June 8, 2009
I weighed myself yesterday. I am 230. Not my heaviest but at a 33bmi I am by far not skinny... I took come pictures of my before. I will add them to this post later... Two hundred and thirty pounds, and to think I was 180 when I graduated... I even kept that weight off for a good 3 years! Its amazing what having a kid can do when it comes to gaining...

I had mini-wheats for cereal, that's something I have said I am going to start doing, eat breakfast. So far I have been doing well on drinking water, 32oz already today. We went to Taco Bell for lunch and I ordered 2 chicken soft tacos fresco style, but they only made one of them that way. I only had one, and half of the wrong one. Not sure why every time I order them that way they are wrong...

I'll get better t blogging but since this is my first weight loss blog post I am sure I will!

Here are the pictures:

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