Wednesday, October 7, 2009
It's been a while since I have posted here, partically because of writers block, partially because I haven't had a whole lot to talk about. I have lost 45 lbs now, and have hit a plateau, partially because September is the "month of birthdays" which means cake, which means I want to eat cake... I have been good but I have had cake and it kind of put me in a relaps of my bad habits for a few days. I think I am finally over it, and thankfully I didn't gain anything, but phew that was close.

What I really wanted to talk about was Erik Chopin. If you don't know who he is, he is, to quote his site:
"Erik won Season 3 of NBC's The Biggest Loser in 2006, losing over 200 pounds. Since winning the contest, Erik has gained back over 100 pounds."

I have been following him on twitter, and his old site, but he launched a new site, and today if you sign up to follow him, you get a pdf copy of his book "From Loser to Gainer!" free! You should check it out! Its really good, and I see myself in him in alot of things. It helps me to know that this is an on going "battle" if you will against weight gain. Maybe someday that guy who loved to eat all the time will not be in the back of my head all the time, but for now he is always right there, on the verge of total take over.

Wow I guess I had some things to get off my chest... Maybe I will start blogging and less informing more regularly... Until next time, keep strong, and keep losing!

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